A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

A new global war has arise. It is a battle between Communism and Capitalism. A person(US Spy) is tasked with sabotaging Communist supplies.  There are a variety of historical, current and future weapons to play with and  there are 2 levels and each level the sabotaging will be longer and even difficult. All of these factors made Wastelanders 2 best First Person Shooter game  ever to be released on itch.io. And this game will be used just as prototype testing for our future game mechanics.



Originally created as a prototype for our next project. We have decided to release it as a continuation on the original theme of Wastelanders. Indicating the end of our less professional projects. The first two stages to be created are an exploration of mechanics, but most of our efforts will be focused on the final scene.

Wastelanders 2 is going to be the last Notchmods-released game. After its completion we will begin work on our huge next project under a different name. This project will take many years.

- Digthepig

Latest features added to the mobile version of the game:
1. The aiming function for all the weapon
2. The game will save the score even if you quit the game
3. Added new weapons
4.Revamped the UI and the maps
5. Fixed the bugs

Wastelanders 2

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsBoss battle, Comedy, Creepy, FPS, Funny, Unity


Wastelanders 2 final release.zip 169 MB
Wastelanders BETA.zip 154 MB
Wastelanders 2 BETA 1.2.zip 153 MB
Wastelanders Linux.zip 203 MB
Wastelanders2mobiledemo.apk 54 MB

Install instructions


1. Click the download button.

2.Go to the file "Wastelanders 2 BETA" and extract the files.

3.Enjoy the game


1. Click the download button

2. Go to Downloads and right click on the files

3. Extract the files

4.Right click on the Wastelanders Linux.x86_64  and click on properties

5.Tick  the checkbox

6. You've complete this complicated piece of puzzle. Now go enjoy the game in your Linux PC, I won't judge you it's your choice


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First person to beat the beta 1.0

Congratulations sir just wait for the full release and you'll surely be the first person to beat it


i hate people


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Best FPS game on itch.io if you want to tell me about a bug go to my website and attach an image and give me a brief description about the bugs.


Best game of all time 

- Game Awards 2019


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