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Window Soviet

It's a operating system simulator but the soviet version.It's developed by Notchmods and Stalinsoft(a joke company).If you dare to mess with the Cykadisc you'll go to GULAG!WARNING: SET YOUR RESOLUTION TO 1280x720 BECAUSE THIS GAME IS BUILT TO HANDLE 1280x720 I WILL BE RELEASING 1920x1080 RESOLUTION PACK SOON


Window Soviets.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Same as usual unzip the folder then extract it and then make sure that your anti virus or windows fire wall approve it cos sometimes they might be a$$hole. But remember this is one of the most important bit the game is built by this

1280 x 720

resolution it'll look weird on any other resolution PLEASE PUT IT IN 1280X720 RESOLUTION


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how can i play in 32bit ?

I might have to look into that, meanwhile tell me your actual problem.


Communism doesn't work

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Economically Communism isn't sustainable in a large scale. If communism work it'll have to be in small scale. Like a hamlet in India might handle communism better than Soviet Union itself. Capitalism is the best for now at least.

Capitalism doesn't work either

How did you acquire your PC? How did you get employed?

You can do that with social-democracy (Or something idk what is it in english)

Ok enough of politics is the game good?